Music Notes

1. Janelle Monae is awesome. Her album arrives Tuesday and I'm pretty excited. She was one of the musicians behind 'Idlewild', and her album is meant to be part 1 of a 4 part suite based on Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'. I think I would buy any album with that premise, and the fact that it's a talented, weird R&B artist making makes it even cooler.

2. In a similar vein, I'm also enjoying Stephanie McKay's album.

3. I wish there were more Marina and the Diamonds songs out there, because Fiona Apple takes too long to write new songs.

4. Muse's new single...they've gotten more political lately without being cringe inducing (like Green Day). They really are aping the Dr. Who theme on this one though, and Matt Belamy is still campaigning hard to be the next Freddie Mercury.

5. The new Metric/Bitter:Sweet/Bird and the Bee/Psapp/Camera Obscura/(what was the other one?) albums all sort of cancel each other out. It's a big year for Aurgasm music, but that's a lot of new music of the same genre.

General Update of Sorts

-Going to Detroit next week. Did you know: Detoit is the etymological root of the word "detritus"?

-'State of Play' (the miniseries) is pretty awesome.

-Need to write the ending of my story soon.

-What I have been listening to:
Anthony and the Johnsons:The Crying Light - I was ambivalent about this album at first. It takes time to get into, and if you don't like Anthony then it's not for you. I think he's more ostentatious than in the past, when there was sometimes some sort of restraint.
St. Vincent:Actor - If you think there's something unsettling about the blasts of distortion in this album, try this:
Nevertheless, St. Vincent(Annie Clark) reminds me a lot of Fiona Apple, except that she's emotionally stable.
Ellie Goulding:(assorted songs) - Multiple music bloggers have expressed their undying devotion to Ellie Goulding, before she's even released an album, and it's not hard to understand why. She's an acoustic guitar singer-songwriter, who can put together amazing club tracks with seemingly no effort at all.

-Popular music has really gone off the deep end recently, with all the 80's synth-pop throwbacks, and the fetishization of autotune, and lyrics that don't make sense, and really awful use of compressors. Someday people will ask, just like they did after the 80's, what the hell were they thinking? And I will not be able to answer that.

That is all.

Shameless Self-Promotion

New songs over at the myspace:
Okay, a couple of them you might recognize from earlier versions. One of them's legitimately new though. I've got about a dozen songs in various stages of recording, about half of which are ones I've recorded before, old favorites, the other half new. Think it's gonna be a pretty solid bunch this time out. The plan is still to get the whole thing pretty much done, and then see if I can get a live drummer to fill in instead of the current drum tracks.